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Eco-bond coated dumpster bottoms


Enviornmental Protection Coatings


Although we don't have all the costs associated for your company on dumpster repairs, we do have enough information from several companies to make this statement.

For every 800 dumpsters $1,000,000.00 or more over the life of the dumpster by using our coated dumpster pan replacement.

For a sample spread sheet showing cost savings, please let us know, and we will send you our findings with no obligations.

Other Benefits:

Use of recycled plastic (Green)

Ease of material dumping with new bottom (Time Savings)

Less time required to clean out

Fewer times required to clean out

No waste dripping from dumpsters caused by a corroded bottom over time (Environmental)

Standard Dumpster Pan Pricing:

1 yard                      $175 ea.

1 1/2 yard                $192 ea.

2 yard                      $212 ea.

3 yard                      $242 ea.

4 yard                      $262 ea.

6 yard                      $382 ea.

*Ask about quantity discounts.

*Prices may vary slightly for different dumpster designs


After our repairs, this 4 year old dumpster looks BRAND NEW,
and will continue to
for the next 17 years!