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Eco-bond coated dumpster bottoms


Enviornmental Protection Coatings

The image of the two dumpsters shown on this page, shows one that was repaired using our bottom (right) and a new dumpster (left). Both dumpsters have been in the field for three years at restaurants and were sent to the field less than a month apart. The dumpster on the right, was an older one, repaired using our dumpster pan with our EcoBond®  coating. You can see, the one on the left is already in need of repair and the one on the right, is ready to go back to the field after being washed out with no repairs required. The bottom picture is the reverse of the others. (ours left/new right)

A picture is worth a thousand words and if you are not using our replacement pans, it will also be worth thousands of dollars in added costs for your company. Close ups below.

After our repairs, this 4 year old dumpster looks BRAND NEW, and will continue to for the next 17 years!