Environmental protection coatings LLC
Eco-bond coated dumpster bottoms


Enviornmental Protection Coatings


EPC LLC will take your damaged, unusable dumpsters and roll off containers and turn them into attractive, profitable units that can last far longer than new, all for a price that will please your budget.

Make EPC your one-stop service for all of your dumpster and roll off container needs • painting • welding - patching & repair • lid & lid assembly • parts replacement • total bottom replacement • heavy roll-off repairs • possible on-site service at your locations • on yard service for higher volume.


In addition to the obvious costs savings relating to employee and equipment expenses, outsourcing provides additional benefits such as...

  • access to the best team of technicians, specifically trained in all facets of container repair
  • no payment for non-productive time, you pay only for completed units or flat fee prices for quotas to ensure maximum productivity
  • a measurable accounting of all services performed by true results (great for budget forecasting and compliance)
  • your in-house experts will be free to focus on more critical projects.

After our repairs, this 4 year old dumpster looks BRAND NEW, and will continue to for the next 17 years!