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Eco-bond coated dumpster bottoms


Enviornmental Protection Coatings

Benefits / Testing



1. Eco-Bond® Coating greatly strengthens the 12-gauge mild steel pan


2. Significantly reduces odors as our coating won’t hold material (Fewer Change Outs)


3. Ease of dumping greatly improved with less material hang ups (Reduced Time)


4. Environmentally friendly (Recycled material which stops/reduces leaking)


5. 100 % Recycled Plastic Material (environmentally friendly)


6. Quantity discounts on dumpster pans (Call or Email for Quantity Pricing)


7. Minimum 6” coated lip (Higher lips available)


8. All dumpster style pans available. (Front load, Rear Load etc) 


                                                     Tests Results

Test Results
ASTM D3359-09-e2
   (Adhesion 5A)  (no Peel)
ASTM B117 - 504 hours
   (No degradation) (21 years)
   ASTM J2334 - 504 hours
   No degradation) (21 years)
   Gardner’s Impact Test
   ( Exceeded 4550 PSI )
   Thermal testing -30F to + 600F
   No Separation or Degradation

After our repairs, this 4 year old dumpster looks BRAND NEW,
and will continue to
for the next 17 years!



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