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Eco-bond coated dumpster bottoms


Enviornmental Protection Coatings



As the founder of EPC LLC, I started this company with a simple promise that as the company grows and provides, I would do what I could to help less fortunate people in the world. We as a company are committed to helping give as much assistance as possible to ensure these basic needs and to helping our Veterans by providing good jobs.


We are a young company that has spent several years developing our patent pending process for coating steel with a unique blend of recycled plastic. Our EcoBondĀ® process, bonds the plastic coating to the metal for a far superior coating that will last up to seven (7) times longer against corrosion than most paint,galvanizing or powder coatings. (21 years)

Our independent test lab was so impressed, they offered to write an ASTM standard specifically for our process. 

We believe our process will revolutionize coatings for harsh environments. We have tested our product to the most stringent requirements and along with our real world applications, have passed all with flying colors.

We believe the applications for this process will be many and varied across different industries. It is our goal to help your company maximize its potential.

Our commitment to clients, quality, delivery, teamwork, partnerships, integrity and the environment is unsurpassed and will continue to be our driving force as we move forward.


Burns Busselaar C.E.O./ Founder

After our repairs, this 4 year old dumpster looks BRAND NEW, and will continue to for the next 17 years!